Implementation - "As a Carbon Asset"

The “Earnwhile you cook” Low-carbon cookstove cum livelihood program can be set up as a revenue generating carbon project. 

The Cookstove is  an accredited  “carbon asset” with a unique carbon measurement

 methodology. It has the  unique distinction for earning carbon credits for saving wood as well as for its charcoal residue when it can prove that it replaces conventionally made charcoal.

When the program is developed as an “Emission Reduction Program” it will generate carbon credits starting Year 2.
    • Based on previous track record ,each cookstove stove along with charcoal buyback will earn 4 carbon credits.  However, the above will need to be verified against the baseline usage patterns. 

    •  During a 3 year programme period, it is estimated that the programme will generate approx. 52,000 carbon credits using a very conservative estimate of 3 carbon credits per annum.