Independent of the work of Paal Wendelbo, Dr.Paul S Anderson made his TLUD stove later as a parallel effort (unaware of
Paal Wendelbo's previous work ). 

Dr. Paul S. Anderson, a retired geography professor at Illinois State University, affectionately referred to as Dr. TLUD for his untiring work for creating awareness about micro-gasifiers is currently the leading expert and promoter of Top-Lit Up-Draft (TLUD) stove technology.  Dr. TLUD has traveled extensively to many developing countries (including to India) to implement these stoves, has hosted a number of workshops, and is extremely active in stove development and is supportive of all work that furthers the technology.
It was during his visit to India in 2007and again in 2008 that his meetings with Mr. Mukundan (Founder of Servals) and Mr Rajan Philip (Energy Consultant) evolved into an amicable business collaboration  that brought the TLUDs stove technology to India.

Read more @ History of Dr. TLUD’s pioneering work on TLUDs http://www.drtlud.com/history/

Dr. TLUD’s work is documented for all to benefit at http://www.drtlud.com/.