Paal Wendelbo

TLUD  technology was used by German soldiers during the World War II  -  while putting up camp fires using firewood during the harsh winter season  -  for a smokless fire.  Smoke was strictly prohibited
- to avoid detection by the enemies.

Paal Wendelbo  ( an European ) happened to see this fire once  -  and adapted this technology for a functional wood stove  -  for his stove projects in Africa. He also introduced the concept of “flame concentrator” over the canister cover. This, perhaps, is the birth of the TLUD stoves.  

So, he is the pioneer of TLUD stoves. Paal Wendelbo gave his stove design free of any royalty  -  for the benefit of poor wood stove users around the world. He was also a regular contributor of articles on TLUDs for stoves digest. “A pioneer, teacher and student” - he  passed away in 2014 and will be remembered for his work around cooking and household energy for developing countries. 

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