Rajan Philip

Mr. Rajan Philip, an independent technical consultant, is an elderly gentleman with a commitment to the field of energy and environment. After 5 decades in mainstream on-the-
Mr. Rajan Philip with Mr. Mukundan and Sujatha
field heavy engineering work with a particular specialisation in furnaces and combustion, Mr. Rajan Philip felt a calling to contribute to the space of household cooking energy. Thus began his association with  Mr. Mukundan and Servals and his silent but commendable contribution to several household and combustion technologies that Servals gave him the platform to create. His meticulous work around creating a commercially viable and production ready model around TLUD that is now the only commercially available model under production today is the reason why the TLUD technlogy has lived up to its promise in the field for close to 7 years now. Without his intervention, the TLUD design would have been more of a scattered cluster driver artisan made model that would not have been able to scale.

As a confirmed friend of the “EYC” effort, Mr. Rajan Philip is one of the strongest, silentest fulcrums of the technological rigour behind the EYC movement.

Besides his significant and pioneering work in getting the TLUD technology production
ready, Mr. Rajan Philip’s work around the following technologies are are commendable – and are indeed awaiting their turn on the combusion technology stage. It will be easy to see that each of the following innovations are a reflection of his passion towards contributing to the the life of the common man – through the field of energy and environment.

·      Grihasree – a rocket stove with a phenomenal thermal efficiency of 31%, Grihasree is the only fully stainless steel rocket stove on the market. Solid and built to last, Grihasree is the kind of stove that never needs a after sales plan because of the simple ingenuity of using locally available material as insulation.
·      Charcoal burning accessory : A simple accessory to the TLUD stove that turns the TLUD into a 2-in-1 charcoal making cum charcoal burning stove, this accessory is a great way to use the stove as a tandoor stove or a BBQ stove.
·      Combustor – Again, a simple accessory to the combustion chamber of the TLUD stove that renders the stove more clean burning and less black carbon (soot) emitting, the combustor technology has been pursued world over due to its potential to reduce BC and vessel blackening. Mr. Rajan Philip’s simple design has proven to do just that. Cut BC emissions by 42% over the base stove. Under a patent, this model of the TLUD stove is available under the “Avajoka” brand name, as against the base stove that is available under the “Servals” or “Champion” brand names in India.
·      Continuous Charmaker – Another combusion equipment that is a field scale pyrolyer designed to do just one thing well – convert light weight field trash to worthy biochar, the continuous charmaker is a simple answer to the complicated problem of biomass waste and is stunning in its simplicity over many forms of charmakers that seek to do multiple jobs at the same time without addressing the core issue. Mr.Rajan Philip’s patent is underway and he hopes to offer it as an economical solution for the conversion of biomass to biochar.
·      Composter – As a founding member of Exonora movement that has a mandate towards garbage reduction, Mr. Rajan Philip learned how to compost by observing a rat. Again, a stunningly simple design that allows nature to do its work while simply facilitating nature’s process, the composter has been cited as the “best designed composter” by a multi-country UN delegation in 2002. It is commercially available under the Bionist brandname, built under supervision by Mr. Rajan Philip.