Only Biomass has the Carbon Edge

The community that has “figured out” green - is going to have the most energy security, economic security, competitive companies, healthy population and, most of all, global respect.

The “Earn while you Cook” program believes that biomass energy and its residue can be powerhouse tools to fuel a bio-economy enterprise led path to “figuring out”green. 

Energy can be made from renewable sources and from non-renewable sources.  Energy combustion has many upshots – depletion and environmental damage being the critical.   

Right now 80% of the energy we consume is non-renewable energy (coal, petroleum oil and Natural gas).  It served the purpose of our frenzied industrial revolution.  We still have the need for frenzied energy generation – but the non renewable sources are depleting.

So we turn to renewable sources – biomass, solar, wind. But we are still not at a point where the technologies to generate power from biomass, solar and wind are on par with the renewable fuels on convenience and reliability.  But that’s a “attitude shift” challenge.

Of the renewable energy choices available to us – and of the growing concern regarding carbon karma – biomass and solar are ideal “paths” to pursue – esp in a country like India – where biomass energy culture is already prevalent to the extent of 75% of the population and solar energy is bring and tropical. 

What gives biomass the slight edge over solar is neutral Co2 Impact. Although Biomass can be called truly renewable only if the rate of planting exceeds the rate of harvesting, the residual carbon after its use – can play a very positive role in impacting climate change.

Only Biomass has the carbon edge!