EYC Implementation -Conceptual Overview

"In meaningful economic clusters"

The “Earnwhile you cook” Program – while seeking to connect households along a green value chain with the mainstream economy – to create “PPP” clusters along the grassroots –   recognizes  some signposts for success in implementing a sustainable convention in renewable energy.

Understanding these signposts gives perspectives on some of the best practices for setting up an “earn while you cook” program

(1) You cannot fight culture. Offer technology that does not represent a threat to the dominant cooking culture and aligns well with the local capital.

(2) Quantify the economic benefit : How much wood does it save? How much money does it save? How much time does it save? Does it look like a “climb up” in possession?  

(3)  Create relevant benefit packages : Health Insurance, Medical Check-ups, Social Forestry, Income-generation activity etc are benefits that build the community’s appreciation of the ramifications of the issues that their cookstoves 

(4) Solve their their affordability problems. Grants, subsidies and carbon finance might not always step in. Creating economic activity because of the deployment of the technology and thus putting disposable income into their hands to pay for the product is the onlysustainable way. 

(5) Identify the local stakeholders and build a meaningful value proposition for them by which each of them are able to participate and contribute to the energy chain. 

(6) Understand the nature of the “local capital” – natural, infrastructural, economic and social – and make a path for setting up a charcoal artisanship that is self-reliant on production and packaging.

The “Earn while you cook” program with the humble cookstove at its heart, shows the potential to provide every community with choices to live the way they like and value what they have reason to value, while still addressing issues of ecological sustainability, distributional equity and well-being in a sustainable manner.