Charcoal Microenterprise

 Cookstove residue based Micro-enterprises

The high gradeCharcoal residue as a  raw material provides the basis for creating a series of mini livelihood opportunities for communities/self help groups – such as charcoal soap making, charcoal agarbattis, charcoal potting soil etc.  

An exciting and unique possibility for setting up micro-enterprises around Charcoal exists.

Towards this possibility, EYC is supported by “Carbon Natives” - a charcoal strategy based product creation and promotion company, that is already doing some pioneering work in the building of “Charcoal Artisanship”.

·   Their first micro-enterprise is a cluster in Manimuthar. Supported by a crowdfunding initiative – this is 

Some examples are their range of agriculture products under “Terraputic” brand name (Biochar Spray, Biochar Soil Soup, Biochar marbles – all targeted at the urban gardener) and their range of personal care products under “CharGlo” brand name (Charcoal soap, Charcoal face scrub, Charcoal under-eye treatment, Charcoal foot spa). They are in the process of building further formulations around the different applications. 

The objective is to create sales links for these upstream charcoal products – and match them with  “cookstove livelihood” clusters across India.

“Carbon Natives” charcoal clusters - run by SHGs – each in accordance with their “local capital” and nurtured based on the intrinsic strengths and capabilities of the cluster can be a very innovative way to set up and run a sustainable circular economy. That makes a significant contribution to all the SDGs (Sustainability Development Goals) through the medium of cookstove and cookstove residue.