Cinder Value and Charcoal Artisanship

“Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival - but that's exactly what it is – for the B-O-P”
When appropriate technological capabilities can be combined with unlimited human creativity – economic chances are created.  It is access to such economic chances that hold the power to take on intractable problems like poverty, unemployment, gender inequality, environment degradation – and yes – dignity of human life”

The “Earn While YouCook” Economic Model represents one such chance for the BOP – The “task” is to translate its tremendous potential into meaningful change.


First Off, Whats the big deal about the cookstove charcoal residue? The big deal is that it is “greener and more sustain-ably produced

With the cookstove residue – charcoal – as the raw material, the “earn while you cook” program  has the mission of creating “Charcoal Artisanship” clusters – run by SHG in the project site – each in accordance with their “local capital”. As what emerges based on the intrinsic strengths and capabilities of the cluster.

A charming example of such an engagement would be that the livelihood clusters make products such as soaps, face scrubs, foot creams, water filters, organic fertilisers etc – and sends a package every month to a captive clientile in the spirit of endorsing “high carbon consumerism”.
Understanding the “Cindervalue”

As the whole world groans and moans with the pains of the energy and environmental consequences that we have set up for ourselves, there is a growing recognition of the potential of the “Shy diamond” – to help heal most of these.

First off – it can help solve the energy challenge: Despite doing a convincing – and carbon-neutral – impersonation of a 'fossil fuel', charcoal is largely neglected in the developed world. Some of the most promising applications of charcoal are as a sustainable substitute for coke, petroleum coke, lignite and coal. In developing countries charcoal is only really used for heating and cooking, but there are hundreds of potential uses.

It can help heal the environmental challenge: Charcoal has been found more than capable of disarming the lethal properties of thousands of man-made pollutants. Science is employing charcoal in countless ways as it tries to stem the tide of exponential growth in disease in both the animal and vegetable kingdoms.

  • As a soil conditioner, it could lock carbon back into the soil for hundreds of years.  That’s Carbon Sequestration.
  • As a water treatment substance, it can clean touch domestic and community water bodies.
  • As a odor remover, it can clean the air
  • As an energy source, it can make cleaner fires
  • As a substance, it can help you expand your role in the ethers.

In a world being poisoned by its own near-sighted wisdom, God the Creator has provided man with a microscopic black hole big enough to swallow much of what ails us. pp. 38-40.