Social Challenge that EYC seeks to alleviate

“One woman entrepreneur per kitchen”

With almost half the world — over three billion people — living on less than $2.50 a day, women bear the heavier cross. 

Simply put, women cook – often with children nearby.   What’s more, women and girls are typically responsible for securing fuel to cook the family meal.

When they leave the safety of their communities to search for firewood and other traditional biomass fuels, they’re at increased risk of gender-based violence, particularly in conflict areas and from refugee camps. Furthermore, time spent collecting fuel is time not spent on income-generation, education or other activities. In fact, cooking has become one of the most dangerous daily activities for women in the developing world.

Women play a crucial role in the widespread adoption and use of clean household cooking solutions by default. They are not just victims of poor technology but a critical component of the sector’s ability to scale the economics.

The major challenges to scaling grassroots economic  models that are built around women – are not different from that of scaling any other model meant for this segment of the economy. 

It is the same – lack of access to economic choices – such as appropriate and affordable technology and livelihood. 

IF – they are given a technology with an economic model around it, they can find their way out of the “energy-poverty-gender” cycle – is what the “Earn while you cook” model believes.

It’s a very simple thing. Its about cooking. And doing something useful with the residue.

Doing this will not just empower women economically, it will empower them socially and change the lives of their families. And then – much more can happen….

The “Earn While You Cook” Program believes so…